How Email Template, Subject Lines And Spam Affect Your Email Campaign?

Looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaign? Then you need to focus on your email template, subject lines and the use of spammy words as these can seriously affect your campaign’s success. Read on to learn more.

When you implement an effective email marketing campaign, it can significantly help you to boost customer loyalty, promote brand awareness and hike your revenues. The right email campaign can also enable you to attract new customers constantly. But there are several businesses that develop email campaigns but fail to do it effectively. I believe there is simply no point in sending millions of emails but actually reaching the inboxes of a few hundred recipients only. Hence, it is important that you keep modifying and analyzing your campaign continually to achieve success.

Email Campaign

So if you want to make sure that your campaign yields the desired results and your emails reach the inboxes of all your recipients, then you need to focus on 3 specific areas –

  1. Email Templates
  2. Subject Lines
  3. Spamming Words

These 3 important areas can significantly affect your email marketing campaign and your deliverability rates. Let’s have a look…

1. Email Templates

Email templates have a strong impact on the success of your email campaign and this is why you need to create your templates in an easy and simple way so that you can send maximum emails with minimum effort. However, when designing an email template you need to make sure that the templates look as good in the inbox of your recipients as in your email tool.

To help you in this process, here I am share a few tips for optimizing your email templates-

Keep It Simple

Creating an overly stylized and high design template with divert the attention of your readers from your message. This can affect your conversion rates. So make sure that your template design is simple yet effective.

Use Proper Coding Tools

This one is simple, don’t write email template code using Microsoft Word. Usually WYSIWYG editors utilize bonus codes which makes your emails appear rickety. Make sure to use Notepad, Dreamweaver or other options for the best results.

Keep It Under 650 Pixels

By keeping the width of your emails below 650 pixels you can make sure that it will be displayed in the vertical preview pane of Outlook. This one will optimize the overall appearance of your emails.

2. Subject Lines

Now that you know how important email templates are and how you can use them better, let us now focus on the subject lines of your emails. The subject lines are one of the most essential aspects of email marketing. If your subject line is poor, then your emails will get identified by spam filters. Moreover your readers will not open your messages and may even unsubscribe.

The fact is the subject line of your email is a call to action. You not only want your readers to open your email but to take a specific action mentioned in your message. Hence make sure your subject lines are not only good, but great.

Here are 3 tips that will make your subject lines better-

Convey Action

Your email subject lines should express action and must start and focus on an action verb like sign up, download or learn. This will make your emails standout.

Make It Compelling

As your readers scan through the clutter in their inbox, you will barely have a few seconds to make an impact and get their attention. Add the offer in the subject line so that readers know what value this message offers.

Avoid Spammy Words

Do you want your emails trapped in spam or even firewall filters? Then be careful with the terms and words you use in the subject line. Avoid words like credit, offer, act now and free. Moreover don’t have caps for all words and avoid punctuation.

3. Spamming Words

Speaking of spam, everyone hates it. Spammy words can seriously affect the success of your email campaign by preventing your messages to reach your subscriber’s inbox. Sometimes a legitimate email marketing campaign can also get flagged as spam. Hence you need to take care even when you send engaging and legal emails and newsletters.

Getting your email wrongly filtered as spam is perhaps the biggest deliverability risk. Here are the top 3 tips that will help you to reduce this risk and boost your deliverability-

Keep Away From Purchased Lists

Buying a list of so-called targeted leads at a cheap price can cost you greatly. Purchased lists can ruin your reputation as a reliable sender. Buying emails lists can mark you as a spammer or at least your emails will land in junk folders.

Partner With Trustworthy ESP

Working with a reliable Email Service Provider (ESP) will certainly improve your reputation as a sender. Casual ESPs with poor scores on senders’ IP addresses will result in landing your emails in spam folders. Choose ESPs which ban spammers and only deliver solicited emails.

Get Whitelisted

Get your Internet Protocol (IP) address or domain white-listed. A reputed Email Marketing Service (EMS) will help you in this process. Ask new subscribers to add your address to their personal address books. This is the best way to avoid spam filters.


The Bottom Line

So there you have it! Now you know how email template, subject lines and spamming words affect the efficiency of your email campaign and how you can use them better to reach the inbox of your readers. I hope these tips will help you to make your campaign successful and achieve your email marketing goals.

You can find various other tips and advice on how you can use these 3 areas better. If you want to know more; then feel free to visit our website and chat with us online now.

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Photo Credit:

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Image Credit:

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The SMTP provider displays Hacker Proof services on their website as a trust-mark. Any service provider offering COMODO Hacker Proof is trusted by the clients. It is a visual indicator to remind visitors of the need of email security in order to improve sales conversion rate. To meet the standard of COMODO Hacker Proof, an adept scanning engine is at the work. The confidence and trust of visitors is emboldened with the help of an interactive trust-mark that provide updated scanning information. (more…)

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