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3 Reasons to Choose SMTPProvider for Better Email Marketing

Thinking of expanding your business and not sure of where to start with? Here is the help you need. Plan your business strategies with SMTPProvider and get your business in full swing.

Setting a business start-up strategy has never been easy, not even if you are a pro. Long before your customers start visiting your website or ask for quotations, a fair amount of forethought and groundwork goes into making sure the whole nine yards is just fine for your business. And the moment you think your business is ready to accept the challenges of the market, you have a whole new array of stuff to evaluate, that takes in – how to create and keep up a customer database.

Email marketing through SMTPProvider can be the sin-qua-none of your business start-up strategies and play a big role in expanding your marketing reach. But just like the time and effort that you gave to materialize your business your email marketing strategy, too, takes a lot of thinking up to ensure your brand gets a seamless marketing effort.

Here is why SMTPProvider as an email marketing platform should be on the top of your list.

Email marketing is by far the most effective way of engaging the customers directly. And through SMTPProvider, you are able to send your brand right to your customer – rocking their inbox every time you want.

Choosing the best.

To send countless emails that are designed to promote your business you need to rely on SMTP bulk email service providers. The abbreviation SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the technique behind sending bulk emails. And here is why choosing SMTPProvider as your email marketing partner is important.

Emails, no matter how engagingly you customize it, are of no use if they do not reach the customer’s inbox. and this is when a best-in-class bulk email SMTP server comes handy to make sure your brand name is hitting right places.

Specializing in sending awesome newsletters.

Now that you have managed to choose among several SMTP email service providers to send thousands of bulk emails to the customers all around the world your next move will be customizing stunning email newsletters that will do the real magic. SMTPProvider is best in providing hassle-free email customizer.

Increasing email deliverability rate.

SMTPProvider is dedicated to sending thousands of emails at a time. The three aspects that denote the importance of sending bulk emails are – they

  • Minimize email marketing cost.
  • Maximise conversions.
  • Save time and effort.

SMTP mail servers are drafted and crafted to ensure tour business experience an effortless yet effective mail delivery without investing much of your time and money. So the best chance for optimal revenue is to bank on email servers with best email deliverability.

The process of sending mails that guarantee business boost is easy. That being said choosing the right bulk email SMTP server that ensures a chaos-free process is the key. Switch to SMTPProvider and send personalized email campaigns that will help you increase engagement, keep your customers satisfy, and above all drive ROI.

How SMTPProvider Can Help You Tackle Problems In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Is your email marketing campaign effective? Are your messages getting delivered to the inbox of your subscribers? Or are they ending up in the spam folders? Are your contacts in your opt-in list? It’s true that even in this age of social media, email is still one of the most effective marketing tools that you can use to reach millions of people. But it also offers several challenges, which can affect the outcome of your email campaign.

How To Tackle Email Marketing Challenges

Federal laws, ISP regulations, spam reports, filters, deliverability and various other obstacles can force you to steer away from your path. With today’s advanced spam filters, almost 90% of messages get identified as spam. As a marketer, you need to focus on maximising efficiency and deliverability to ensure your email campaign’s success.

This is why, we at allow you to greatly improve the performance of your email marketing campaign by offering you dedicated SMTP server, powerful API, full-featured Opt-ins, clean IP and instant delivery of your emails. Our emailing server, developed on the latest cloud computing technology, ensures that you reach your target audience and create a noteworthy web presence.

SMTPProvider offers you affordable business and personal emailing solutions that allows you to face some of the toughest challenges in email marketing, including-

  • Integrating other data systems with your email data
  • Enhancing your email deliverability
  • Increasing and retaining the number of subscribers
  • Achieving or growing measurable ROI
  • Utilising mail for funnel optimisation

Our customised solutions will not only meet help you to counter these challenges, but our powerful APIs will also help you to manage your email campaigns better. Our fully equipped APIs will make sending, receiving and tracking your emails effortless. Moreover you will receive useful stats that will aid you in managing your lists and achieving your goals.

Why SMTPProvider?

Do you want to send emails quickly? Do you wish to reach your target audience more effectively? Then SMTPProvider is your answer. We constantly offer you services that will not only solve your emailing problems, but also offer you hassle-free and tailored online solutions. We have successfully moved a step ahead of our rivals by developing a strong system of targeting emailing problems.

Moreover with the powerful SMTPProvider API you will get advanced options for tracking bounces and deliveries, managing your subscriber lists and accessing your email remotely without even logging in to our website. With our email marketing API (Application Programming Interface) you will be able to integrate your database programmes easily with SMTPProvider’s system. In case you manage content or subscriptions on your own internal system, then our APIs will allow you to transfer the data from SMTPProvider to your system.

How Can You Benefit With SMTPProvider?

We at SMTPProvider are dedicated to give you maximum deliverability and reduce spam. This is the reason we support mail sending to Opt-In database only. As a result you will be able to send messages to your contacts only after they have willingly offered you their email address. As your contact already knows that they will get mass emails from you, the chances of ending up in the spam folder will reduce considerably.

Moreover, our expert team will offer you an individual API key that will provide you better interaction with the API and enable your account to connect with other apps without revealing your password. Our APIs will also enable you to gather data in JSON or XML format and integrate with third party web based applications.

With SMTPProvider API you can confidently expect these benefits-

  • Full-featured API commands
  • Easily Integrate with any web based application or third party desktop
  • Enhance your capabilities with our feature sets
  • Get Simple API communication
  • Receive response data in JSON or XML format

What’s More? Top-Notch Support!

SMTPProvider is the only email service provider that actually offers you 24/7 support. Apart from having ace developers and programmers, we have a dedicated team of trained and experienced support staff who will be there to cater to all your needs from day one. And the best thing is you don’t necessarily have to call our helpline to get your queries answered.

You can simply log in to and directly interact with our experts through live chat. Our chat staffs are constantly busy answering your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to boost your business.

Get A Personal Manager

Moreover, we are all set to offer you a Deliverability Expert & Personal Manager, who will be there to simply make your job easier. As your personal manager will have all the necessary information regarding you, your business and your account, you will not have to waste any time explaining your situation and directly get down to business. Our team is determined to make your work easier and to help you achieve your goals with little effort.

Not Just Delivering Mails, But Delivering Promises

If you are a start-up or a small or mid-sized business, then SMTPProvider is your ultimate destination. With our quality and customised services, you will be able to make your email marketing campaign a success and reach your business goals.

Do you have any queries about SMTPProvider? Want to learn how we can help you deal with email marketing challenges? Then simply share your thoughts, queries and concerns in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

SMTP: Making it Easy to Stay in Touch

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Image Credit:

Staying in touch with the world is extremely important these days and it is all the more important to people in the world of business and commerce. Communication in the corporate world needs to be extremely quick and cost effective. Talking over the telephone or telephonic conversation is the easiest way to communicate with people in every corner of the world; however, phone calls are expensive. The traditional postal service is comparatively cheaper but extremely slow. However, with the advancement of technology, the easiest way to communicate these days is via email. (more…)

Install Zimbra for An Overwhelming Emailing Experience

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Image Courtesy:

Emailing these days has become the foremost and most favoured communication medium. A lot of business and personal communication takes place with the help of emails. Most of the times, emails are thought to be one of the safest and fastest communication means. But, sometimes, emailing is not as safe as you might think it to be.

With so much news about hacking and plagiarism doing the rounds, you will like to keep your emails away from the prying eyes. After all, it’s a matter of saving your business matters from the potential hackers and email thieves. (more…)

Effective Features of SMTP Server

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Image Courtesy:

Email communication is most favoured communication medium in present times, especially in the business world. Online marketers go with emails to perform their marketing errands. Of late, this direct marketing medium has been yielding higher benefits to the marketers and that is the reason why most online marketers abide by emailing.

The strong presence of email on the marketing arena is primarily because of its ability to cut the cost and lessen the time-consumption by a mile.

Besides, emailing has surfaced as an ideal way to reach amongst the clients spanning all over the world. But, there have been certain instances when marketers were not able to draw appropriate and desired benefits from email marketing. (more…)

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