Obsessed With Email Deliverability? Then Use These Awesome Tips

Email deliverability is perhaps the Holy Grail of email marketing which enables marketers to improve inbox delivery rates and increase ROI through email campaigns. There are several factors that determine if your email was successfully delivered, how quickly it was delivered and where it was delivered (spam folder, promotions, social or the primary tab). Moreover, each ISP (Gmail, Yahoo etc) reacts differently in accepting incoming emails.

After you manage to build a good reputation as a sender by accurate IP address warming and removing your spam traps and hard bounces, you need to continuously make an effort to maintain your reputation by sending deeply engaging emails frequently to clean lists.

If you are obsessed with email deliverability, then these steps that will enable you to better understand the process of email delivery and enhance your deliverability, email delivery speed and your sender reputation.

Choose an Excellent ESP for Removing Hard Bounces


Hard bounces are actually those emails which get returned to the sender as these are permanently undeliverable. This can be for several reasons like invalid email address or the email server of the recipient has blocked your emails. Hard bounces are also known as spam traps as ISPs will recognise you as spammer if you keep on sending messages to hard bounced email addresses. This can significantly hamper your deliverability.

One of the simplest ways to steer clear of hard bounces is by refraining from buying lists because these often contain fake email addresses. However, what’s more important is that you choose an excellent email service provider (ESP) that will remove hard bounced addresses from your subscriber list automatically.

Clean Your Lists by Removing Inactive Users


As a marketer, you may tremble at the thought of reducing your subscriber lists as most of you take a lot of effort in building an email list. But if you believe the 80–20 rule (Pareto principle), then 80 per cent of your business comes from 20 per cent of your clients. Hence it just might be a good idea to remove some of the unengaged users from your list.

A small list consisting of deeply engaged users is always better as it will help you to improve your email deliverability and increase c. Thus make sure you sanitise your list regularly by getting rid of dormant subscribers who have not opened, checked or purchased from your massages in the last 90 days.

Customise “To Name” of Recipients


Many organisations gather the first and last names of different recipients and utilise that information to customise the message content, pre-header or the subject line. A better tip to ensure deliverability is to use the full name of the recipient as the “to name” instead of only the email address. This helps to inform ISPs that the mails sent by you are targeted at people you may know from whom you have received permission to contact them.

Use One IP Address for Every Email Type


Some of the emails sent by most companies get marked as spam. When your messages are marked as spam for whatever reason, ISPs get notified that you may be a spammer even though you have a legitimate company and have collected subscribers via permission marketing, instead of purchasing lists.

Usually marketing emails are marked as spam more than transactional emails. Thus if you are working with an ESP with dedicated IPs, then you must have at least one IP address for your marketing, automation, promotional and transactional emails. This will make sure that even if your marketing emails get marked as spam, the deliverability of your transactional or automation emails will not be affected.

Use IP Bonding for Large Sends


Moreover if your Email Service Provider offers multiple dedicated IPs, then using IP bonding can be a good idea for large sends. This proves highly helpful as ISPs restrict the amount of connections made by each IP. IP bonding is basically the practice of utilising several IPs for a send and it can help to expand the reputation of the IPs resulting in increasing the speed of a send.

Every IP has a distinct send speed and reputation. So if you want to send 500,000 or more emails which must to be delivered within a specified time, you need to ensure your send is divided across multiple IPs.

Email deliverability is one of the trickiest aspects of email marketing, but you can still understand the way ISPs process emails. The tips mentioned above will help you in your journey and enable you to achieve better send speeds and higher deliverability.

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