How to Improve ROI through Email Marketing?

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The success of email marketing campaign is determined by the stats it produces. So, marketers should track their emails on one-to-one basis in order to gauge the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign.

Like other business areas, you also need to pay to keep improving with your email marketing endeavours. You should measure how successful your email marketing campaign is at persuading consumers to click on your website or sign up for your newsletter. This is a platform to improve your Return on Investment (ROI).

If you make ROI a top priority in your email marketing strategy, you will find the ways to determine success of your email marketing campaign and why your business fails to yield desired results in spite of putting in lots of efforts, time and money.

Do you know how to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing?

It is easy to measure success of email campaigns in some businesses like e-commerce companies. You just require calculating the cost of campaign versus the returns campaign brought in.

However, if you run other business, you might require some creative thinking to measure the results. You need to mull over tracking stats, such as website hits, page views, file downloads, forwards, new subscribers or sign-ups, and the like. By considering these statistics, you will be able to know the efficiency of your campaign.

Now, you need to pay heed on improving your return on investment.

How to improve your ROI?

If your campaign is not performing the way you would like it to have, you need to focus on some key areas.


By keeping clean email list and reputation, marketers can see an increase of up to 25 percent in their deliverability rate. You should remove the bounced mails right away and avoid the words and phrases that might trigger spamming. If your clients want to unsubscribe your emails, make the process easier.

Behavioural targeting

If you are still sending the same email to every customer, you must stop it right away. What you need now is to target consumers according to specific behaviour. This is a productive and result-oriented way to improve ROI. It allows you to personally connect with your subscribers and increase subscriber engagement rate and revenue.

Social media

Social media is a great channel to build subscriber base. You can create a special offer and post it with a link to your email subscriber list on the social network of your choice. It helps build and continue strong relationship with the existing as well as prospective consumers.

These are the useful tips to improve email marketing ROI.

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