Top features of SMTP that help your marketing campaign

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E-mail marketing and SMTP. These two have almost become such a well known pair that you can hardly think of one without the other. Whether you are a large business with multiple branches or a small business struggling to stay afloat, e-mail marketing and SMTP are two things that will definitely help you.

E-mails were almost written off by a lot people involved in marketing. The reason behind this was the sudden rise in the popularity of social media. Suddenly everyone seemed to think that social media was the answer to all their marketing problems. While social media marketing does its part in acquiring new customers and retaining interaction with the current ones, e-mail marketing does much more. Since it is the oldest form of online marketing, it is still the most trustworthy one. You will still send newsletters and transactional e-mails to your customers’ inbox, but you are not going to post or tweet it, are you? And even bulk e-mails can be customized to address the recipient by name and make them feel more special. You can’t do that on a public platform now, can you?

So it’s back to the good old e-mail. And the best thing is, that coupled with some of the top features of SMTP, this is one method of marketing where you will get your return on your investment. So how exactly can SMTP help your marketing campaign? Let’s find out.

It allows you to send e-mails in bulk – Whether you have ten thousand or a hundred thousand mails to send, a Reliable SMTP Server will see to it that your mails reach the client or prospective client’s inbox and not the spam or junk folder. And the best thing? You’re not going to get blacklisted.

You can send your bulk e-mails from anywhere – Thanks to cloud technology and software applications, you can now send your mails from one continent while sitting in another. This is extremely useful if you’re always on the move. A trusted SMTP service also frees you from the worries of maintaining a server at your office location.

Analysis of your campaign becomes easier – If you are working with an experienced and professional SMTP service provider, you’ll receive detailed reports and analysis regarding your e-mail campaign. For example, you’ll be able to find out what the bounce rate is and then change your strategies accordingly.

Now that you have all this information at hand, make sure you put it to good use, and don’t forget to let us know about your experiences with SMTP and e-mail marketing.

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