Email Marketing Succeeds with Dedicated IPs!

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Email marketing has become an integral part of online marketing these days. It is also considered as one of the most effective tools of marketing used over the internet. It is viable and extremely cost effective. This is the only reason why email marketing is so popular amongst all the top corporate houses.

Email marketing is used these days because half the world has gone online. We are mostly connected to the world through the internet. That is exactly why most email marketing campaigns are useful in reaching out to the masses.

However, email marketing too has its pitfalls. Mostly, what happens is that, due to unreliable mail servers, the emails that are sent out to clients and customers do not reach them. That is why, companies using the email marketing strategy, should always depend on an SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers for the outgoing mail facilities. These mail servers are highly reliable.

Some reasons why SMTP Server is popular


Bulk Email


The emails and newsletters that are sent during email marketing campaigns have to be sent out in bulk. This facility is only available if SMTP servers are used. If mails are sent out in bulk, not only will it be cost effective but it will also be less time consuming.

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Committed IP Address


SMTP service providers also offer a committed IP address to people who avail of the service. The positive effects of SMTP server IP address is that only you can use it. Therefore, your mails will reach the clients and customers faster and more efficiently. A committed IP address also ensures safety of the mails. As no one else will be using the IP address, even if the content of your mail is confidential, it will not be a part of cyber crime and no one else will be able to read it.

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Tracking Mails and Maintaining Stats


Once the emails or newsletters are sent out, it is important that you know the status of the mail. SMTP servers allow you to track the emails sent out till they are delivered. Therefore now you will know whether your mail has reached the recipient, is in queue, has bounced or has been deferred. You can also find out the recipient’s response to the email. This way you will know exactly how successful your email campaign has been.

Using an SMTP server for email marketing has proven to be highly beneficial for many organizations. Therefore, it will be right to conclude that SMTP servers are integral to email marketing strategies.

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