Fight off the Bugs on Your Website with COMODO Hacker Proof

Are you worried for the security of your emails? If yes, avail of services from a competent SMTP provider can help you out in this regard. There are a few reliable SMTP service providers available with COMODO hacker proof services. It means you can now relay emails without worrying about its safety and security.

The SMTP provider displays Hacker Proof services on their website as a trust-mark. Any service provider offering COMODO Hacker Proof is trusted by the clients. It is a visual indicator to remind visitors of the need of email security in order to improve sales conversion rate. To meet the standard of COMODO Hacker Proof, an adept scanning engine is at the work. The confidence and trust of visitors is emboldened with the help of an interactive trust-mark that provide updated scanning information. (more…)

Top features of SMTP that help your marketing campaign

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E-mail marketing and SMTP. These two have almost become such a well known pair that you can hardly think of one without the other. Whether you are a large business with multiple branches or a small business struggling to stay afloat, e-mail marketing and SMTP are two things that will definitely help you.

E-mails were almost written off by a lot people involved in marketing. The reason behind this was the sudden rise in the popularity of social media. Suddenly everyone seemed to think that social media was the answer to all their marketing problems. While social media marketing does its part in acquiring new customers and retaining interaction with the current ones, e-mail marketing does much more. Since it is the oldest form of online marketing, it is still the most trustworthy one. You will still send newsletters and transactional e-mails to your customers’ inbox, but you are not going to post or tweet it, are you? And even bulk e-mails can be customized to address the recipient by name and make them feel more special. You can’t do that on a public platform now, can you? (more…)

Install Zimbra for An Overwhelming Emailing Experience

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Emailing these days has become the foremost and most favoured communication medium. A lot of business and personal communication takes place with the help of emails. Most of the times, emails are thought to be one of the safest and fastest communication means. But, sometimes, emailing is not as safe as you might think it to be.

With so much news about hacking and plagiarism doing the rounds, you will like to keep your emails away from the prying eyes. After all, it’s a matter of saving your business matters from the potential hackers and email thieves. (more…)

Effective Features of SMTP Server

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Email communication is most favoured communication medium in present times, especially in the business world. Online marketers go with emails to perform their marketing errands. Of late, this direct marketing medium has been yielding higher benefits to the marketers and that is the reason why most online marketers abide by emailing.

The strong presence of email on the marketing arena is primarily because of its ability to cut the cost and lessen the time-consumption by a mile.

Besides, emailing has surfaced as an ideal way to reach amongst the clients spanning all over the world. But, there have been certain instances when marketers were not able to draw appropriate and desired benefits from email marketing. (more…)

Email Marketing Succeeds with Dedicated IPs!

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Email marketing has become an integral part of online marketing these days. It is also considered as one of the most effective tools of marketing used over the internet. It is viable and extremely cost effective. This is the only reason why email marketing is so popular amongst all the top corporate houses.

Email marketing is used these days because half the world has gone online. We are mostly connected to the world through the internet. That is exactly why most email marketing campaigns are useful in reaching out to the masses.

However, email marketing too has its pitfalls. Mostly, what happens is that, due to unreliable mail servers, the emails that are sent out to clients and customers do not reach them. That is why, companies using the email marketing strategy, should always depend on an SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers for the outgoing mail facilities. These mail servers are highly reliable. (more…)

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